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Animal Pathology and Hygiene Complex

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Also Known As:

Vet Basic, Natural Resources, Veterinary Lab and Animal Necropsy, Animal Pathology and Hygiene

Animal Pathology was constructed with funds from the Special Building fund of 1914. It was one of three projects designed for the farm campus by Coolidge and Hodgdon, the official architects of the University.

Only the main building and the stable exist today.

Animal Pathology and Hygiene was actually a small complex, four buildings arranged with a central quadrangle. This approach was taken as a way of utilizing Veterinary Hall, a small frame building that had been constructed in 1909. Veterinary Hall was remodeled and incorporated into the new design scheme.

The main building, which later became Natural Resources, contained a laboratory, library, classrooms, and museum space. It was placed at a right angle to the original Veterinary building, which sat as the south side of the quadrangle. The Veterinary building contained operating rooms, isolation rooms, and a pharmacy. Opposite of the Veterinary building, on the north, was the stable, which housed large animals and feed. On the east was a one story building that housed experimental small animals and the autopsy room and incinerator.

Like other buildings designed by Coolidge and Hodgdon, the main building is two stories, classical in detail, and constructed in buff brick. It originally had decorative iron grilles covering the entry windows, and decorative eave brackets with a hip roof and limestone trim. Other buildings in the complex were simple stucco structures.

Source Information:
Minutes of the Board of Regents, 1918.