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Dairy Barn (Replacement)

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The second Dairy Barn was constructed in 1926 to replace the first barn, which collapsed the previous year. The barn was rebuilt in a new location on the east side of 39th street at Center Drive. It was located near the Beef Cattle Barn on what was then the eastern fringe of the farm campus.

Like the Beef Cattle Barn, the Dairy Barn was a large timber structure that provided more than simple animal shelter. The Dairy Barn was a two story building with a classic gambrel roof and numerous shed dormers.

During the 1960's the farm campus evolved into a mixed use campus with the inclusion of the Law College and the Dental College. Slowly the campus barns were decommissioned and animals were moved to the University Field Labs at Mead. The Dairy Barn was razed in 1971.

Source Information:
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