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Temporary Buildings (1946-1961)

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Following the end of World War II, enrollment at the University suddenly and dramatically increased with an influx of GIs completing their educations. The University, having faced two decades of poor funding, was unprepared to deal with this increase. Facilities in particular were inadequate. In 1946 and 1947, several temporary buildings were furnished to the University by the Federal Works Administration. These building had been used at the Hastings NE military base, and were transported to Lincoln, reconstructed, and remodeled for academic purposes. They were intended to serve only as temporary buildings while the University recovered from the onslaught of veteran-students.

The temporary buildings were located in several areas of campus. The main concentration of buildings was the mall area between Love Library and Andrews Hall. Four temporary buildings housing student support services and administrative offices were located in these buildings, including the University bookstore, Counseling and Student Health, Veterans Services, and classrooms. Another cluster of four buildings was located on the south side of Vine street in the location of the present Student Health. These buildings were used as classrooms for Engineering and Teachers College. An additional building was located between Brace Hall and the old Library and was used primarily for architectural drafting.

Most of the temporary buildings were in use until the completion of other permanent buildings or additions to buildngs. The new Administration Building, completed in 1958, provided more space for Teachers College, the 1957 Student Union expansion incorporated the Bookstore and other student services, and Ferguson Hall provided space for engineering classes. The Student Health Center was completed in 1958. By 1962 the temporary buildings were all removed from campus.

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