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Franklin D. Keim

Chair, Agronomy

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Agronomy Building (Keim)

Franklin D Keim was a native Nebraskan and an agronomy professor at the University of Nebraska. Keim received his Bachelors (1914) and Masters (1918) degrees at Nebraska, then earned a PhD at Cornell in 1927. He began teaching at the University as an instructor in 1914, worked as an extension specialist, and eventually became a faculty member. In 1932 Keim was appointed Chairman of Agronomy, a position he held for twenty years.

Keim was noted for his ability to develop students and steer them into successful careers, whether research or practice. He acted as a mentor to several students who went on to notable careers, with George Beadle being the most recognized. Beadle received his BS and MS under the tutelage of Keim, and worked in Keim's lab on wheat research. Through Keim's influence, Beadle was able to secure a graduate assistantship at Cornell University while pursuing his PhD. Beadle won the Nobel Prize in 1958 and served as Chancellor and President of the University of Chicago. Keim retired from the University in 1952 and in 1957 the Agronomy Building was renamed Keim Hall in his honor.

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