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Picture of building

Picture of building

The author would like to acknowledge the dozens of people who have enabled me in this research, in a host of ways, for the past decade.

It is impossible to imagine this undertaking without utilizing the work of those who have preceded me as recorders of University history. I am grateful to Robert Manley for his excellent early history, Centennial History of the University of Nebraska, I. The Frontier University, 1869-1919. The quality of scholarship in this book is amazing. Also, thanks to R. McLaran Sawyer, my colleague and friend, for his companion tome, Centennial History of the University of Nebraska, II. The Modern University, 1920-1969.
In 1995 Robert Knoll's book, Prairie University, was published, focusing interest on the history of UNL, and legitimizing my own pursuits. Thank you Robert, for a refreshing and thoughtful history. For the history of the University's agricultural campus there is no source more complete and entertaining than The University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Agriculture, the First Century, by Elvin Frolik and Ralston Graham. For information on the early years of the farm I used Hazel Perin Reeder's memoir, Growing Up with the Nebraska School of Agriculture, a Memorial Tribute to the Life of S. W. "Dad" Perin. Few authors bring people to life the way Mrs. Reeder did with this little publication. Finally, thanks to Edna Bullock, an 1889 alumna, who chronicled the earliest buildings of the University in the Semi-Centennial Anniversary Book, The University of Nebraska, 1869-1919. Miss Edna, who grew up in the shadow of the University, left Lincoln to study librarianship with Melvil Dewey, and eventually returned to establish a professional cataloging system in the newly constructed University Library.

It is necessary to thank the staff of the University Libraries, my colleagues, for their ongoing support and interest. It is always motivating to know that others find your work important. Dr. Joan Giesecke, Dean of Libraries, has generously supported me with research time and encouragement. Mary Ellen Ducey, Carmella Orosco, Peterson Brink, all current staff in University Archives, have been a tremendous help with photo research and other research. Past University Archives employees Michele Fagan and Lynn Beideck provided hours of assistance when the project was in its infancy, back in the previous century. My former supervisor, Dean Waddel, now retired, spent a few coffee breaks advising and counseling. Gregg Cosgrove, formerly of the Architecture Library, helped me get organized and develop a plan, and listened to more than one practice presentation. Judy Winkler, Visual Resources Manager at Architecture Library, has assisted greatly with photographic needs.

At UNL Facilities Management, I received guidance, as well as resources, from Dave Peterson, now retired, who presented me with the first comprehensive list of University buildings I ever saw and allowed me access to plans and records, and from Doug Beals, my co-conspirator in rescuing old records, as well as old buildings.

Thanks also to Eileen Bergt and Gordon Scholz, pillars of the Preservation Association of Lincoln, for giving me the opportunity to present and proselytize on the virtues of old buildings and historic UNL through PAL sponsored events. Gordon in particular has done more than his share of listening and always pretends to care. Additional thanks to David Murphy at the Nebraska State Historical Society for his assistance with information on architects and architectural firms.

I have benefited from the assistance of three talented students supported through the University's UCARE program. First, Mike Davis, now a practicing architect, helped me in the summer of 1995, working for nothing, and again as a UCARE student. Elizabeth Chase also assisted me, unpaid, by sharing her research on local early architects. Dustin Shilling, transformed my crude ideas into the first incarnation of this website, and finally, Jenna Rihanek, who for two years, cared almost as much as I did about this project, and worked closely with me to shape the content and develop the website.

For technical assistance, I owe a huge debt to Stacy Rickel, University Libraries Computer Programmer/Analyst, and Zacharia Bajaber, Digital Resources Designer with the Libraries, for their assistance in the design and development of this site. Stacy continues to provide excellent support, and for that I am very grateful.

Finally I would like to thank my family for years of support and tolerance.

~ Kay Logan-Peters