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Mendelssohn, Fisher & Lawrie (also Called Mendelssohn & Lawrie; Fisher & Lawrie)


The partnership of Mendelssohn, Fisher and Lawrie of Omaha was formed between 1885 and 1894. In 1896 Louis Mendelssohn, a native of Germany, returned to Europe. George Fisher and Harry Lawrie continued to practice together until 1913. Mendelssohn and Fisher designed Grant Memorial Hall on the University of Nebraska campus in 1887. In 1891 Mendelssohn, Fisher and Lawrie designed the first phase of the old Library, now Architecture Hall. The second portion of the building was designed by Fisher and Lawrie in 1895. In 1900, Fisher and Lawrie designed an addition to Grant Memorail Hall, called Soldiers Memorial. They were retained once more in 1903 to design a new physics building, Brace Laboratory.

Mendelssohn, Fisher and Lawrie were active in Omaha and contributed to the expansion and development of the warehouse district, as well as designing other important structures. Buildings attributed to some or all of them include the Bemis Bag Co., the Fairbanks-Morse Building, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, and the Storz Mansion. Fisher and Lawrie also design the Ashland Carnegie Library and the Albion National Bank. They continued to practice independently in Omaha after their partnership was dissolved.

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