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Crops Laboratory (Kiesselbach)

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Also Known As:

Kiesselbach Crops Research Laboratory

The Crops Laboratory was constructed in 1933 to provide space for agronomy research. This work was formerly done in the Judging Pavilion, but in 1931 it was severely damaged in a fire. Crops research was a high priority for the Agronomy department, which desired a building that contained laboratories, work rooms, seed storage facilities and equipment.

The design of the Crops Laboratory mirrors the design of its neighbor to the south, the Animal Pathology and Hygiene building erected in 1918. It is constructed of buff brick and its footprint and site orientation are nearly identical to the earlier building.

In 1969 the Crops Laboratory was renamed Kiesselbach Crops Research Laboratory in honor of Theodore Kiesselbach, a faculty member who was known worldwide for his research in corn.

Source Information:
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