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James Canfield


James Hulme Canfield served as Chancellor of the University of Nebraska from 1891 to 1895, when he accepted the Presidency of the Ohio State University. Canfield was instrumental in the development and improvement of the campus environs. Disappointed in the appearance of the campus upon his arrival during the summer of 1891, he proceeded with a series of improvements that greatly enhanced the attractiveness of the campus. Included in these improvements were the construction of paved sidewalks, formal landscaping, and the erection of the decorative iron fence that surrounded the original city campus until the 1920s.

Canfield was determined that the new Library building would not be an embarrassment to the University like several of its earlier buildings, most notably University Hall and Nebraska Hall. He reportedly visited the construction site daily to ensure that quality building materials were used, and that the construction was done to the University's specifications. The beauty and permanence of the old Library, now Architecture Hall, are a testament to Canfield's vigilance. Canfield is now regarded as one of the finest Chancellors in the history of the University.

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